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20 Questions…

I saw this in one of my fellow bloggers lists – http://myeverchangingmoods.wordpress.com and it sounded really interesting.. So I thought Id put it up here and check out the responses it receives 🙂

It would be nice to see some replies.. 😉

  1. You’re about to die, but first you get a last meal;  Appetizer, Entree and Dessert. What’ll you have?
  2. Name a regret from your past for which you’d like a do-over. Why?
  3. You have to lose one of your five senses.  Which one and why?
  4. What is the name of the one person in the world you most NEED to forgive?  What did they do and why do you need to forgive them?
  5. What’s the most taboo sexual act you’ve ever participated in?   What’s do you want to participate in?
  6. You can change one feature each of your body and your personality.  What do you change?
  7. What is your biggest fear?
  8. To what age do you want to live?  Why?
  9. If you were an object of any kind, what would you be?
  10. Who’s your hero?   Why?
  11. What is your favorite sport?  Why?
  12. You are elected President of the United States and are granted the ability to make an executive order without interference from Congress or the judiciary.   What do you do?
  13. You are standing naked with the sexual partner of your dreams, ready to begin having sex.   What’s the first thing you do?
  14. You can buy any new vehicle you want.  What do you buy and why?
  15. You can have any super power in the world, what would it be?
  16. Name one thing (not a person) you absolutely, positively cannot live without?
  17. What is your favorite word?
  18. You can spend 24 hours in the past, anytime before you were born?   To where do you travel?  Why?
  19. Name your greatest guilty pleasure?
  20. You’re having a small dinner party.  You can invite 3 people,  living or dead, from any time in history.  Who would you invite and why?

Here are my answers.. 🙂

   1. Thats hard.. but I think Id choose the dessert if that is chocolatey.. else Id go for the non-veg appetizer..
   2. I just cant share that.. I feel too bad about it anyway!
   3. Between all 5, I think I could give up my sense of speech…
   4. I forgive and forget pretty fast..
   5. Nothing taboo..all really exciting;-)
   6. Physically Id make my legs a bit shapely and personality wise Id get rid of my short temper.
   7. The fear of not being happy with my own life..
   8. I wanna be alive till one minute before the guy I love has finished living his life.. (just dont wanna use that word..)
   9. I have NO idea…
   10. My guy ) For everything that he does..
   11. Basketball.
   12. Id still call for a meeting and try to get everyone to agree to the decision I wanna make..
   13. Run my hand through his hair..
   14. Porsche/ Hyabusa
   15. Mind reading ;-)
   16. Foood!!!
   17. Really?! WOW!
   18. Elizabethan Era.. cz’ I love the Shakespearan English esp.!!!
   19. Pressing the snooze button.
   20. Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Princess Diana. Shakespeare provides eloquence.. Robert Frost, the poetry, and Princes Diana, the beauty…



1. Roxie - April 13, 2008

Hi Giselle you got a good set of questions there, I‘ll try answering them….
1. For my last meal….I would have shrimp salad served on a pineapple boat, main course would be juicy chicken with barbeque sauce served with mash potatoes…..dessert: warm chocolate cake dripping with warm chocolate sauce….! Might as well have a good meal …you don’t know the menu in heaven!!!
2. sorry cant let you know the details…..by far the biggest mistake that I have ever done……but I learned a ton from the experience….so I don’t play with fire anymore….!!!!!!
3. Well that’s a tough question, all five are so important…..but may be the sense of speech like you said, or the sense of smell, the rest are too critical…!!!!!!!!!!
4. Well there would be a list of people ….to be frank….but at the end of the day….this is life and since no serious damage was done…..I think I could just forget about it……or them!!!!
5. There was nothing taboo about it……..!!!! heheheheh
6. a little more height could go a long way…..personality vice…a little more calm headed, not to take life sooo seriously….!!!!
7. Biggest fear would be, not to have your loved ones around you when you need them the most……I quite often need emotional backup….!!
8. 75….coz it’s a good number…not too young to die…would have seen enough of the world by then not to regret leaving it…!!!
9. my mother was a nurse once…their uniform used to be white blouse with knee length skirt….there used to be a comedian doctor who used to comment that if given a chance to be reborn he wished he was a floor..!!!! You get me….!!! But in my opinion…i don’t know …who would want to be a non living emotionless thing!!
10. Spiderman was great….batman (George Clooney version) was very charming I didn’t like superman or phantom as they wore their undies outside…( not very attractive )…….just kidding with you…well in todays world it would be any simple human-being who stands up and fights for a good cause…irrespective of what others think about him…!!!
11. I love athletics …the races, tennis is great if I knew how to play it properly…I love swimming….!!!!
12. I would retrieve my troops from Iraq and for once let those people there live a normal life. without having to wake up in the morning hearing people scream…without knowing whether today is the last day you’ll see your husband or kid….or worse see them die right before your eyes!!!
13. Ummm…interesting I would blind his eyes with a balck satin clothe …and tell him to count to ten…how about that….!!!!A little game of hide and seek before ……!!!!
14. That would be a Ferrari…I love speed …I love the thrill!!
15. To be invisible of course …..Also to be able to just close your eyes, think of a place and be there in a jiffy….what would you call that…!!!
16. Music…….I live on it…my kind only of course…
17. There’s been a lot and it keeps changing over the years but lately been saying ‘great ‘a lot..!!
18. to witness any country getting its independence …to be there and feel what the people felt to be free finally , free from slavery, freedom of speech, free from being undermined on their own land…!!!!
19. Those moments when I just open my fridge ….with that guilty smile on my face…and dig into a soft and creamy chocolate cake…!!!!
20. the three musketeers…….brave handsome men with plenty of entertaining stories to tell you…all for one ….and one for all….!!!!!!Hehehehehe…was kidding!!

2. Simply Me - May 25, 2008

Here they go! Enjoy!

1. I would defitnetly have the whole entree! 😉
2. Can’t share such a shameful act, but I would avoid the situation for the next time!
3. Wow, hard one… I love singing, therefore I would have to scratch out the sense of speech, I love music so scratch out the sense of hearing, I have to see.. I would live without the sense of taste…
4. Wow… Idk, I don’t think I have anything to forgive anyone for.
5. None!
6. Thinner and less talkative.
7. My biggest fear is failing in life.
8. I want to live to be over 130 years old.
9. Lol, what type of object?? I think I would be a diary…
10. Jesus Christ is my hero. Nobody loves me as much as He does.
11. Soccer, hands down! It’s a very amusing and competative sport.
12. Wow, I would try to reconciliate our affairs with the middle east, remove my troops from the frontlines and restore our country and theirs.
13. Drool! lol.
14. I’m not a car fanatic but I like the new jeep’s.
15. The power to restore!
16. Well.. the moment of truth… MY COFFEE!!
17. I guess I use “seriously” and “honestly” alot.
18. In the times of Jesus!
19. Sweets! baked sweets!
20. Martin Luther King, Jesus, and Hitlet. I would be an interesting conversation.

3. Giselle - May 26, 2008

hehehe… that sure ould be a really interesting conversation!!!! 😉
n “seriously” is a word i tooo like a little more than necessary i guess;-)

4. Simply Me - May 28, 2008

haha seriously!

5. Giselle - May 28, 2008

ooh.. u knw.. the sense of taste is soemthing that i just cudnt not have!!! have u seen that movie ratatouille? ooh.. just seeing him go ooh-aah over the savoury taste and smell makes my mouth water!!!!

6. thatkategirl - June 24, 2008

I think I’m going to have to answer these in a blog entry! :]
Hi, I’m Kate by the way. Haha.

7. Giselle - June 24, 2008

O yea babe! answer them anyway you wish..Its just fun 🙂 By the way, Im Giselle.. Hope to see more of you here 🙂

8. Princess Wendy - July 30, 2008

1. Appetizer: Assorted maki sushi plate of spicy shrimp, spicy tuna, & negi hamachi. Entree: The biggest filet mignon imaginable perfectly seasoned & grilled to medium rare with a topping of melted bleu cheese. Dessert: Assorted fresh fruit with dips such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce, & sugar.
2. I would have never messed up and quit high school. It haunts me!
3. Touch: It would be hard, but to not feel the texture of something seems like the least loss.
4. I need to forgive my dad for not having me in his life. I need to forgive him so that I can move on and not hold onto it for my own sake.
5. Probably having sex with another couple doing the same thing in the same room. There’s nothing else I’d need to do in that department.
6. I’d change my boobs and lift them a bit. For my personality, I’d probably not want to yell as much when I get angry.
7. My biggest fear is losing my daughter.
8. I’d like to live to be 100 because it’s a huge milestone!
9. If I were an object, I’d like to be a statue of myself at my grave. I’d like to see who visits me and what they say after I’m gone.
10. My favorite sport is baseball. It reminds me of my grandfather.
11. I’d do a poll of the people and then decide from the top two.
12. Kiss him passionately.
13. Black Mercedez-Benz station wagon. Because my VW station wagon was totalled in an accident and I think I deserve an upgrade.
14. I would want the power to heal.
15. I absolutely, positively cannot live without my computer!
16. My favorite word is serendipity! (I thought you’d never ask!)
17. Oh, something terribly reckless like blow up the home of George Bush Sr. during a family meal. Or maybe I’d throw myself on top of the bloke that killed JFK.
18. Thinking about sex with my exes.
19. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the entertainment value,

9. Giselle - August 12, 2008

That was quite interesting Princess.. But why do you fear losing your daughter…?

10. sarahlynae - August 17, 2008

1. I would have eggplant parmesian, with pistachio ice cream for dessert. I know, they don’t go together… but this is what i would have.
2. I hate to be boring on this answer, but I honestly have no regrets right now.
3. My sense of smell. Then I would be like my best friend, and we could not smell together.
4. I need to forgive Brian. He couldn’t find time for me in his life, even though I supposedly meant more to him than anyone.
5. This is getting pretty personal.
6. I would make my nose a bit smaller… or at least cuter… and I would chance my incurable awkwardness in new social settings.
7. To live and not have lived.
8. 60. I don’t want to live to be any older, because the quality of life starts degrading. I never, EVER want to end up in a nursing home. They are devices from hell.
9. I would be a book. Probably a novel… Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.
10. My dad; he is the most encouraging, most amazing and loving person I have ever known. I don’t respect anyone more than I respect my dad.
11. To play, soccer. Because I grew up in South America playing soccer. To watch, hockey.
12. Oh God. The day that happens, I hope that someone assassinates me before I make any decisions.
13. Again, awfully personal.
14. I would buy a 1969 VW bug, eggshell white with standard shifting. Why? Because it’s my dream car.
15. To fly. However high, however far, however fast.
16. my bible.
17. lovely. That’s my favorite word.
18. I would want to be there when Rosa Parks sat on the bus full of white people. That changed the world.
19. personal?
20. I would invite C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Lewis Sperry Chafer. They would have the craziest conversations ever, and I would be able to witness it.

11. Giselle - August 19, 2008

yes.. even i thought some were just too personal.. thats why the elusive answers….

12. SanityFound - August 21, 2008

Those 20 are just awesome, I will have to do it in the form of a Meme sometime soon! SF

13. Giselle - August 22, 2008

Thanks 🙂 by the way, whats a meme?

14. Aditya - August 28, 2008

dats a really nice way to describe urself…
ive done something similar on my blog as well 🙂

15. rwhackman - August 29, 2008

I usually don’t like answering things like this but since you ask so nicely, here goes:

1) It would involve red meat (sorry, no offence, I know you’re Indian), and ice cream for dessert. I would be far too upset to enjoy it, though. That’s why I try to “enjoy evey sandwich”, as Warren Zevon said

2) I completely missed the opportunity to have a wonderful woman as a girfriend when I was in college. She gave me every chance in the world and I stupidly blew each and every one of them. I have a number of other regrets but let’s just stick to this one for now.

3) I’m trying to think of all 5. Let’s see sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch? Okay, that’s easy – I’d lose smell because most smells we encounter in life are not so pleasant. Think about it.

4) I really can’t answer that one. I don’t think I’ve ever truly been screwed over, but the times that have come close I’m not sure that I “need” to give forgiveness, except, I suppose, to help myself. I’m not big on holding grudges, but there are some people that you just want to avoid. Okay, wait, I’ve got it! The person I most need to forgive is myself, Richard Whackman! I need to forgive myself for all sorts of stuff.

5) I spent all of about 3 seconds up the ass of a girlfriend once, before the pain caused her to ask me to stop. Geez, that’s the first time I’ve ever told that story. It was her idea (she wanted to do something new) and I didn’t even have a chance to really form an opinion about it other than I have doesire to hurt anyone. I also have no desire to try it again. What more do I want? That’s easy – an affair (I’ve been with the same woman for the last 15 years). Will I? No. But I have to admit that my heart is impure in that sense.

6) I’d love to have more self-confidence. As far as my appearance goes, I always thought it would be nice to have what I call “normal person’s hair”, meaning straight hair. Mine is a bit wiry, and I’m prone to bad hair days as a result. But I really shouldn’t complain here: It hasn’t gone grey yet and I have good reason to believe that I’ll never go bald (my grandfather didn’t and I clearly have his hair).

7) This is a real bad time for me to die, so I’d say a cancer diagnosis. I also hate the thought of drowning. Bankrupcy is something I worry about too. I have a lot of fears, Giselle.

8) This is sick one for me. There are times I’d actually like to die (ignore #7 here) because it represents a quick and easy escape from my problems. But there’s so much that I enjoy in my life that I really should want to live a long time. It becomes a quality of life issue. I don’t want to live in the Alzeimer’s ward for 10 years like my Grandmother and would rather end it for myself than have to face this. I think your 70’s is a respectable decade to die in. I say respectable because I have this sense that I’ll be judged a failure if I die young, because people will assume that I brought it on myself somehow. I also have a perverted desire to outlive others because I have this feeling that it will somehow make me superior in some way. I’m a little embarrassed admitting all this, by the way.

9) This one makes no sense to me. A hydrogen bomb?

10) My Dad, because he’s lived a life I look up to and has abilities and a mindset I admire and wish I had myself.

11) Boxing, because I’ll forever be reliving the psychodrama of being beat up in Junior High School.

12) Something to put the economy on a firm footing. I’m sure it would be a cinch figuring that one out.

13) That’s a fun one, but my answer’s been said before here, making me boring: I’d run my fingers through her hair.

14) A vintage tank, because they’re so fuel efficient.

15) To become invisible.

16) Vodka. Hey, I was going to say oxygen but that’s too obvious.

17) Fuck. Even though I dislike the connotation. And I don’t think I’ve ever “fucked” anyone. It’s always been making love to me (patting myself on the back here).

18) World War II in a B-17 over Germany. I’ve always had a fascination with this episode in history, although I’m sure the actual experience would leave me with a thing or two in my pants.

19) I’d rather not. You should be able to infer it from my answers here, though.

20) I’m tempted to say Adolf Hiter but he was a bore who used to monopolize conversations and reminds me of one or two people I’ve already known in this life. I would think Socrates would have quite a bit of interest to say, although it would all be Greek to me. I’d want at least one of those witty British authors like Oscar Wilde or Bernard Shaw. I suppose I should include one of the great temptresses of history as well, such as Cleopatra or Mata Hari.

Okay, that was exhausting and time consuming, thank you very much! I hope you find my answers entertaining.


16. Giselle - August 29, 2008

Hey I don’t mind red meat 🙂
I eat almost anything and everything! .well, as long as its tasty and doesn’t take too much of work (eg: crab)!!!
n yes.. thank you so much for answering. .that was very sweet of you 🙂

17. lann1103 - September 10, 2008

13. Smile

18. Giselle - September 10, 2008

that shy smile eh ?;-)

19. Ruthie - September 24, 2008

Hi. Only have time today to answer one.

My greatest fear? That one of my children might die.
I have two daughters, Kayla, 18 and Candace, 10.
We live in a wild world. So many things are out of our control. (other drivers, bad drivers, bad people, good people who make mistakes) So letting my children go in this world without fear of the what if’s is a choice. I chose to enjoy them today, now, in this moment, but sometimes I do let fear go and it is not pretty. lol

20. Giselle - September 24, 2008

Fear is a feeling that is very hard to combat but we have to try and let go… thats how life goes on right…

21. Neo - October 11, 2008

1. Thats hard.. but I think Id choose the dessert if that is chocolatey
3. Between all 5, I think I could give up my sense of speech…cauz I rarely use it!!!
4.Eathen. He was meant to be my best friend.
6.Everything except my my nature N good heart.
7.Biggest fear…I fear that I m changing into something “BLACK” cauz the change is being started…
10.Its me. I might b superhero but can’t b superman!!!!!!!!!
13.I’ll kiss on her forehead.
14.Audi A8, Lamborghini Mercilego, Porsche Carrera Gt2 Turbo / BMW R1150R Rockster,Ducati998
15.To Stay good to Others Like Spidey…
17.Sorry,Thanx,I Need U.
19. Drink chilled water and put the empty bottle into Fridge without refilling it.

22. Giselle - October 11, 2008

I too loooove chocolatey stuff!!! 😀

23. dbarber59 - November 18, 2008

I’m not sure I’m ready for the 20 questions. A little tough.


24. Giselle - November 18, 2008

hehehe.. Maybe you can think about it and then look through it.. its just fun.. no compulsions at all 😀

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