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Blogs and Blogging… March 20, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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What is a blog? Everyone these days seem to be reading  or writing a blog.. Is it because it earns some, big money or is it to while away time..? Or is it just because it gives a sense of self-satisfaction where some just dont find any contentment of the heart?

For me, writing a blog is something new.. and it actually provides me an outlet to clear my thoughts and to convey to others the subtle aspects of life and the way we think…

Many of us think. But don’t act upon it.

Many of us want to speak out against an injustice. But most of us don’t.

Many of us want to be heroes. But only some of us will be a hero in the time of need.

When we write a blog, there are lots that we can express. About ourselves, our views upon happenings all around the world, our fantasies, the things we desire to do, the places we wish to see.. and much more. And in a way it feels very good. It feels as though we have actually been able to “capture the moment” !



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