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Just for fun March 20, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought I would post it for fun… Why dont you also check it out..? 😉  Quite revealing Id say..

Some Relationship Questions :

Q: Would you give a cheater a second chance?

A: Well, I dont think I would be able to trust my partner if he cheats on me.. but it would take all my efforts to not forgive him.. cz’  I love him a lot.  But if he is sincere in repenting what he did I might end up giving him a second chance after all… Who knows!

But I guess I need not worry too much about it cz’  he will not cheat on me. I am a 100% certain about that.. cz’  he too loves me most probably more than what even I do!!  🙂

Q: Would you move because of ‘Love’ ?

A: Now..thats quite tough, I guess I would move along with him..becauseI feel, that love is something you have to create together by being with each other and sharing each other’s life in its every aspect. And if you are goign to stay away from each other, then the purpose is not achieved. Is it..? A good job can be found.. and a good living condition can be brought about with love..

Q: Would you rather have a good looking boyfriend that’s stupid or a ugly one who’s smart?

A: An ugly one who’s smart. Without a doubt!! But the prob’  that looks also matter to me.. so most probably Id be attracted to the good looking dumb guy at first but be repelled by him, once I knew that there wasnt any beauty in his head! But Id be friends with the ugly smart guy for always.. A smart person who matches your wavelength and with whom you can be comfortable, is someone who you can keeo as your friend, forever.

Q: Do you want kids?

A: hehehe… 😀 Obviously! 🙂  … Altho I’d have to confess that before I met the man of my dreams, I never was very interested in lil kids… But, knowing my man and being with him gave rise to these weird kindda but good and special feelings and now..well.. he makes me feel like a woman! 🙂

Q: What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?

A: It seems I look quite charming and homely so that guys automatically are lured;-) hehehe.. j/k.. Well, in truth, I think it must be my smile..and my eyes.. Thats what my fiance loves most about my looks..

Q: Are you too shy to ask someone out?

A: Nopes. i dont think I would.. except if I thought he was the one..then I might be a little shy…

Some Questions of Personality :

Q: What gives you Pleasure in Life?

A: Id have to say that it would be being with the people I love most..!! Other than for that there are these little things I like such as how Julie Andrews sang in “The Sound Of Music”.. I love the dewdrops on flowers.. I love the rainbow after a rain.. I love the sun coming out from behind the clouds.. I love watching the clouds float in the sky changing its shapes.. I love the changing colours of the sky in the evening.. I love the feel of satin.. I love a warm comfortable bed.. I love a warm mug of chocolate milk when it rains.. I love the smell of spices.. I love food.. I love nature!! …. the list just goes on…

Q: Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great?

A: Id no doubt rather be on time and look ok.. But Im usually a few minutes earlier than the actual time…else I become all maniacal!!! 😉 So, Id normally have those few moments to make myself look better than ok… 😉

Q: Snooze button or jump out of bed?

A: Always the snooze button 😀 .. But now that Im getting married, I guess Id have to make jumping outta bed a habit …  😉

Q: What would you like to accomplish before you die?

A: Id love to travel around the world with my soon-to-be-husband 🙂  .. well ,thats about it, right now..

Q: If you came with Instructions what would they say?

A: Wild and lively, lives life to the fullest! A little unpredictable and a little more short-tempered;-) But forgives and forgets very easily. Strong-willed and positively confident. Hates to be judged or wrongly accused. Values love and happiness above everything else. Will defend her loved ones ferociously.

Q: What are three of your guilty pleasures?

A: Too much time over the phone with my fiance, Reading in bed and being completely absorbed in the book, Late mornings…  yea.. I know. All thats gonna change very soon 😉 But I dont think Im gonna be fretting over that 🙂

Howzzat? Why dont you also try it?



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