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Misunderstandings… How do we handle it? March 20, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Relationships.
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How does it feel when you think that your significant other just does not seem to understand why you do what you do?

Is it a feeling of anger? Frustration? Disappointment? Hopelessness? or just plain misery?

Of course he is just reacting in a way typical of him. Cz’  after all, another human being can not be what you want of that person, right? It is ok to try. But it is not necessary that it has to work out the way you want. In fact it is not even necessary for your significant other to be the kind of guy you’ve always wanted. Because, if you ask me, I think we are unconciously attracted to a particular “genre” of men. And in the end, we are most happy with someone who complemnts us in almost every way. It feels right when you find that person. And that is when you know that he is The One!

Misunderstandings could be because of many reasons.. it could be due to ur listening to only a part of a conversation.. It could be because of lack of trust in each other.. It could be because of feelings of isnecurity.. It could also be due to one’ own misconceptions!!!

Although quite a very frequently used word, it is quite dangerous.. cz’  a small misunderstanding is all that’s enough to break a precious relationship into really small pieces! And what does it bring in the end other than for sorrow, misery and a msierable feeling of loneliness?!!!

Misunderstandings are somethings that we have to earnestly try to avoid in a relationship.. That is why trust, loyalty and a complete belief in each other is of utmost importance in a relationship.

In this “modern age of civilization”, men and women are equal.. But still, that feeling of probably being mistaken to be a weaker sex is pre-dominant in a woman’s mind. This also leads to a lot of misinterpretations leading to confusion and misunderstandings… We have to avoid that to lead a more peaceful life with a lot more “growing old together”  and a lot less “divorces” …



1. kingsley - May 6, 2009

My girl friend has been meeting somebody else, we had a querell and she told me she is not having an affair with the guy. On sunday 3rd of May i had a call from some body i don’t know telling me my girl friend is going to see the said guy i am suspecting is having an affair with in a different town. We caught an argument that night of the call and she went the next day to the different town were the guy is living, leaving her phone behind and for three days now i have not heard from here, so pls help me on what to do coz i am very worried

Giselle - May 24, 2009

1. If you dont know this person, why did he call you?
2. Did you enquire with her friends / parents if she’ safe?
3. Why don’t you go to this other city and check out for yourself if you can find her?
4. If noone knows where she is, isn’t it better you register a police complaint for missing person?

Don’t worry. In love all one can do is love the other person unconditionally. You could get hurt but at least you are putting yourself out there trying to win over the one you love.

2. Penny Redstar - May 4, 2010

I just found this blog today. A guy I’m dating misunderstood something I said. He then told me what I meant to say and how I feel, without actually hearing an explanation of what I actually meant. Then he ended it. Is there any way to salvage this? I’m thinking no, but it’s worth an outside opinion.

Giselle - June 2, 2010

I think you should give him some time before you broach this topic to him again.. or maybe you could write down all that you feel and give it to him..something like a chat but in a written format.. coz’ sometimes while speaking, we may forget to say some stuff that we were thinking of telling to the other person..but when writing it down, you can always fit it into the conversation… Try it out. .and let me know what happened…

3. Penny Redstar - June 17, 2010

wow, I didn’t even realize you wrote back. Irony is, we resolved that issue and have now moved on to another issue and this time I have no idea if I can fix it. I think I may try the writing it out and giving it to him.

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