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Friendless.. March 21, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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Friendless and lonely,

I wander among the crowds milling around me..

Hearing everything,

Listening to nothing.

Seeing everything,

Focussing on nothing.

Soundless I roam,

A stark contrast to the buzzing busy rush around me.

Feelings aplenty, but emotions reined in..

With noone to turn to,

at times of despair,

I move alone,

through the friendless crowd…

 – Lucky



1. Vinith - March 24, 2008

Thats a nice poem, but why about loneliness? Are u lonely?

2. Giselle - March 25, 2008

Yea.. u could say so.. sometimes..
When the person you love is so busy that he no longer has time for you and u suddenly find that u r no longer so very important to him, then yes…it does feel quite miserably lonely…

3. forgettheworld - March 25, 2008

thanks for reading my junk. your stuff, especially this one, is very good.

4. alexandriamaryclement - December 21, 2008

I think that’s very good and it definitely reflects being lonely.

5. danmihalache - December 22, 2008

tell them of thou alone hast seen, than what thou hast heard, than since theu be children tell them of battles and kings, horses, devils, elephants and angels, but omit not to tell them of love and suchlike…

6. danmihalache - December 22, 2008

the text before was rudyard kipling, life’s handicape; now i send you my translation of one of Romania’s principal poets and philosophers – (you know, i can only translate, i don’t write; my 27 years son does):
there’s so much quiet about i seem to hear
the moon’s beams rapping to the windows.

an alien grieve awaked into my breat
and a song sings in me a longing
that’s not mine.

they say that those ancistors that died before their time,

they say that those ancistors who died before their time
with young blood in their veins’
with great passions in their blood,
come to live in us
their unlived lifes.

oh, who knows – my soul – in what breast you will sing
you, sometimes, after centuries
on sweet cords of silence,
on a harp of darkness
your strangled longing
and your broken joy of life? who knows?
who knows?
(the title: silence)

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