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The engulfing aroma.. March 21, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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Mmmm..the smell of lunch being cooked is just delicious!! The tangy yet spicy taste of prawns and the gobi manchurian which I had tasted just a while back, along with the baking aroma of chappathi and thoughts of the cooling caramel custard in the referigerator for dessert, makes my mouth water and my tummy growl… Grrr..!!!  😉

Im a very lucky person in matters of the appetite 🙂 … Ive often seen that if there’s this particular food that Id been craving for, somehow or the other, sooner or later, I do get that dish.. I feel soo content when my tummy is happy 😀 It gives me a sense of being happy.. a sense of peace.. a sense of liveliness.. a sense of loquaciousness.. and when the first signs of a siesta comes over you, it just completely takes over you.. and an afternoon nap snuggled with the one you love just completes the feast!



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