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Enchanted March 23, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Movies.
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 I recently watched “Enchanted” with my sister and Ive got to tell you. This movie is BRILLIANT! Except for the dragon which really looks stupid, the movie is GREAT! The songs are feet-tapping and catchy with really good lyrics and this animation/reality movie is sure to keep you laughing throughout…

It awakes in you a sense of lost time.. of magic.. of love.. of all our forever dreams of having a “Happily ever after” in our lives…

The type of animation that Disney used to show us in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and various other classic fairytales is followed in Enchanted which makes you go back to your childhood days when these type of animated pictures were your favourites! Julie Andrews voice makes a perfect narration and the sugary sing-along voice of all the tunes keeps us charmed throughout the movie.

Amy Adams is the perfect damsel-in-distress and her expressions are exquisite. Patrick Dempsey makes the perfect choice for the realistic lawyer who does not believe in a happily ever after. And James Marsden is super with his portrayal of Prince Edward in search of his lost love- his princess!

This movie, Ive got to tell you.. brought tears of joy to my eyes – at the innocence.. the simplicity of love…, and many memories of all my favourite Disney animated classics, and all those perfect moments in them.. like when Belle dances with the beast.. Ariel looking into Prince Eric’ face hoping he would get up and singing to him…when Princess Aurora sings in the woods to her friends – the forest animals.. when Prince Philips kisses Sleeping Beauty…when Cinderella sings to the mice..

In short, this live-action movie is unforgettable in its Disney magic and there’  sure to be a smile on your face and a song on your lips after watching this movie.

I would give Enchanted 5 stars!! 🙂



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