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My wish profile says… March 23, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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There is this site called Imagini VisualDNA where you choose images as answers to the questions of the quiz and they make ur profile. I took this wish test and the result was quite fascinating..

Why dont you also check it out…? My result says that..

“I would like to live where men were gentlemen and women were ladies, and everyone knew where they stood. Ideally, I’d wake up in some cedarwood pavillion in Old Kyoto, where the maple trees reflect on the tranquil morning lake and later I’d go into the Royal Ballet to rehearse for tonight’s performance; If I thought about it, I really need the sea-breeze running through our hair, both our hair and sometimes I wish I was effortless and elegant at the Tango and the Rumba. I’d lie to have the power to cast spells, binding and real spells, and it would be amazing to see the Gondola-haunted side streets of Venice just off the Grand Canal, where many an assignation has been made and many a secret courtship conducted. Pets? You couldn’t own a free spirit like a Beluga, but just by being near one must make you feel wiser. Finally, I’d like to have a party just for two, just on our own and maybe I’d invite a unicorn along as a surprise guest…”

Does it not seem magical? It sure would be great to have these wishes happen in reality!! 🙂



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