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Sinking.. April 9, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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Sinking into loneliness,

into the depths of sorrow,

impressions of having “The One”,

to care for me,

keep me happy,

I realize was false..

None to look upto..

Nobody to offer me comfort..

I weep into the one faithful friend I have- my pillow.

My only solace.

Music bang my ears.

Heart thudding,

Palms and feet cold as ice,

Through the heartbreak I wait.

Hoping even then

for a miracle..

for him to care enough…

Am I just anybody?

Am I not good enough for him?

He pushes my limits..

He drives me insane..

He strains my seams…

He just doesnt understand!!

what it means,

that one small yet strong word – love!!!

– Lucky



1. Joe - April 10, 2008

This too shall pass. I promise.

2. Giselle - April 11, 2008

thnx joe 🙂 I duno y these days ive been so moody and susceptible to irritation, feeling so lonely!!! Well, could be my temper flares too… but I believe its high time the “positive beam of light” shone thru me!!! 🙂

3. alwaysthatgirl - April 22, 2008

Lovely writing…heartwrenching. Missed seeing you on my site and anytime you need an ear to bend, just email.

4. Giselle - April 22, 2008

my heart was kindda wrenched off its hinges at that time.. there’ an even worser wrenching one.. i’ll post it sometime soon 😉

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