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Why? April 20, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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Its been awhile since Ive posted anything here.. Its just that there’s been so much happening..what with the wedding coming up and all..

So, as I was sitting here, tag surfing and playing on all the various networking sites, the thought suddenly struck me.. Why is it that men do not undergo the same problems that a woman goes through in her life? Why does the woman have to suffer the pain of both menstruation as well as childbirth? Why not a man? Why were we created this way?

Doesnt a man need to know how it feels with all the hormonal changes, physical changes and mood swings and the aches and pains and the tumultous feelings rushing through us…???

Why can men not realize the strength of a woman which lets her undergo all these things in life and emerge victorious.. overcoming her fears, her sorrows, her pains and working her way through life.. slogging in the office to better those who think that women are just not as capable as men. Working hard at home also, to care for and love her husband, kids and family…to turn a house into a home and make it shining with love beams..

Ive always hoped that some day men might understand exactly how strong a woman is and what makes her tick and what makes her snooze.. ie; what turns her on and what turns her off.. and yet understand also that women however strong they maybe, require that much the more amount of love and affection from a man to make her mentally strong and give her inner strength its brute power!!!



1. Joe - April 21, 2008

Some men do understand and treat women with the respect and love they deserve. Most men do know that women are stronger emotionally and spiritually. And that’s what scares us.

2. Giselle - April 21, 2008

Maybe the fact that men try to hide this fear of theirs is what makes women think that men just dont understand women…n yes.. I gt 2 agree with u on the first sentence esp.. cz’ the men I knw r like dt..

3. alwaysthatgirl - April 22, 2008

Amen Joe. 🙂 Well written Giselle. I hear ya.

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