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Him… :) April 29, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Relationships.
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He looks at me.. I can feel my legs become jelly..

He smiles at me… My cheeks turn red…

He holds me.. My knees start trembling..

He pulls me closer to him.. I can feel the tingling all through my body..

He begins speaking to me.. I get lost in those deep black brown eyes of his..

He laughs out loud at something funny and a 100 watt smile forms across my face.. 🙂

He sits beside me, his arms around my shoulders… and I feel warm inside..

We hold hands and I feel complete..

I love hm so much.. Even through the frequent arguments and disagreements that are so silly that we laugh about it while making up, even when I feel down and his hectic schedule makes me feel as though I no longer have an important place in his heart, I love him..  🙂 No particular reason that I can pinpoint.. but yet.. he’ there and I love him…

All he has to do is take my hands in his, call my name softly and look at me.. and say that he loves me.. Im lost.. I am so totally lost at that moment.. All my barriers.. all my anger.. all my fears, sorrows, worries… everything melts away into vaccuum!!! The only truth I feel at that moment and what I know is true is the vast and deep endless ocean of love that he has just for me 🙂 and I know that is enough for ever…



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