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Promises May 3, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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They are made to be broken.

I took for granted

a promise, to be

a bond forever.

But lately realized

it’s not.

I got confused.

I became agitated.

I was surprised

and I was shaken.

I cried

and I fussed.

But nothing could change

the truth.

that a promise,

no longer meant promise.

– Lucky (LHNV)



1. alwaysthatgirl - May 6, 2008

I like your writing Giselle. I know I have said that before, but well done. 🙂

2. Giselle - May 8, 2008

hehehe. .thnx 🙂 n just for the record, I duno whether Ive told you before or not… but, the style you write too is very admirable.. Im trying to take some tips from your way of writing so that I could improve mine too ..
Hows life?

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