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Ancient Promises May 28, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Books.
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One of my personal favorites, “Ancient Promises” is a book written by Jaishree Misra. She is an Indian author whose debut novel (Ancient Promises) was published and sold worldwide by Penguin UK and became a major bestseller in India. The book describes a Delhi upbringing, interspersed with idyllic holidays in Kerala.

Synopsis – ‘Young and vulnerable, Janu gave up Arjun, her first love, to enter into an arranged marriage. Years later, she is miserable, having been gradually shut out by the coldness of her husband’s family and his indifference to her and her daughter’s needs. Finally she flees to England to escape the loveless union—but at what price to herself and those she loves? The moving story of one woman’s painful journey of self-discovery, Ancient Promises is about a marriage, a divorce, and motherhood. It is about why we love and lose, sometimes seeming to have little control over our destinies.’

It maybe because the story is based on a land I personally know and have been experiencing for the past o so many years now…or it must be simply because of the way it is written… powerful yet soft and vulnerable at the same time..  It has been written in the exact manner how any normal teenager would react.. in the way any normal girl would think about the situations that life throws at her.. There are no presumptions, no exaggerations.. and the story is crafted with a flow that would leave the reader yearning for more..



Once you catch hold of this book, make yourself comfortable on your reading chair, cz’ its gonna be awhile before you take a “break”! 😉 It is that good! It is so alive that once you are right in the book, you stay there.. it is as though you are the one who is experiencing each little joy, each heartbreak, each smile, each disappointment and every drop of excitement!!!

Check out this book. It is a must have! Especially for those who live in India and who can relate to the incidents and the places…


See here for the initial intricacies of an arranged marriage… https://4mgiselle.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/the-whole-hungama-of-a-south-indian-marriage/



1. davematt - June 30, 2008

Hi Giselle,

Interesting blog you have here.

DM (http://swameth.wordpress.com/)

2. davematt - July 1, 2008

Hey thanks Giselle. I will definitely give Jaisree Misra and Indu Sundaresan a shot. I was disappointed by Chitra’s ‘Mistress of Spices’, have avoided her since.

DM (http://swameth.wordpress.com/)

3. Giselle - July 1, 2008

Mistress of spices I have to agree was a disappointment. But check out her “Sister of my heart” .. thats a good novel..

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