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Awright.. I gotto do something!!! :/ June 19, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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So, here I am once again wondering whether I am just the rightsize or whether Im moving more towards the “plump” side.. One thing I know for sure is that I am not ‘thin’!!!! Dont think Ive ever been and neither will I ever be.

Never one to be much too concious about my figure, I have always felt that even though I ‘matured’ earlier than the other girls, Ive had a shapely figure. But these days I think Ive let it go its way… and THAT is bad. Really bad, my friend.. yea.. I know..

I know Im not “fat”. Also, I look good in Indian wear. But if I dont keep in shape now, THEN it would become a problem.

Now that my marriage is coming up, what do I do? How do I reduce some weight so as to look goood for my wedding? I love food. I am a little lazy to exercise! (you could say real lazy…)  But Ive got to do something about it.

Its quite like on and off. I begin and then I cool off. .. Then after awhile I begin again and then all of a sudden, get bored.. On and off..on and off.. Vicious cycle uh..

But this time, I am going to restrain my food intake and slowly get onto the exercise routine..

After all.. dont a girl have to look “good enough to eat” for her man 😉

Wish me all the best!!! 🙂



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