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He called! July 1, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Relationships.
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The sun shines once again.. through the clouds, its rays pierce.. and the flowers with their dewdrops look pretty as I gaze at them.. and…

He called me today afternoon 🙂 It felt so good to hear his voice … The moment I heard his voice, I knew everything was alright between us once again!

I hate it when we dont talk to each other…Then, I cant sleep, my mood becomes foul.. I lose my temper much more faster and nothing feels or seems right! But now, it feels nice.. peaceful.. blissful.. perrrfect! 🙂



1. chirax - July 4, 2008

Giselle been there done that 🙂 for both you post and the comment on my post. actually when my girl and i don’t talk I as lifeless as possible.

2. Giselle - July 6, 2008

yes.. it feels as though there is nothing left to live for itself!!! its such a pathetic situation that sometimes i wish i were not so dependant upon him for my happiness.. but i guess there is no way out.. i just love him so much it hurts at times!!!

3. farpointer - July 9, 2008

You might have felt real happiness na ,when he called you .You are lucky.Iam waiting for my love to call me .Iam afraid whether i will have to keep on waiting .

4. Giselle - July 11, 2008

yes.. it felt really good.. dont worry. .maybe she might call you.. soon.. be hopeful.. else what is the use after all right.. 🙂
God has a reason.. and it happens for the good only..
Like the saying goes.. If it is not happy, then it aint the end yet!!! 😉

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