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Rains July 1, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Relationships.
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Today is a through and through rainy, wet and cold day!!!

Ive been up in the morning and blogging from then on. Yet the rains still have not ceased.. Remember the rhyme “Rain rain go away, come again another day, little johnny wants to play…”? This is what keeps running through my mind..

I agree rains are a beautiful sight to watch.. but I don’t feel so great about it when Jason and I are having an argument! Just imagine! there is just 10 days for our marriage and he can still hold onto his ego like his own skin!!!

Tell me.. Which normal human being is there who is in love with a person and has not even given a thought to the future? Is there anyone in love who cannot answer to “Where do you picture us in 10 years time..?”

I’m not asking for all our dreams to come true.. but just give some reply.. something ..anything would do.. !! But he says he doesnt know!!! OMG! A perfect reply for the beginnings of an argument.

There are times I have bent and there are times that he has bent. but so soon before our marriage.. (which by the way we have been waiting 5 years for…!!!) when there is an argument, the least he could do is think about it, call me up and tell me something right?!

Aah.. anyway, Im just waiting for his call.. hope he does that soon..



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