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“Theobroma Cacao” September 4, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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“Theobroma Cacao” –> Now, seeing the word cacao you must be wondering it means cocoa.. But the meaning of this word translates to –> The Food Of The Gods!!!!

And well, I think these stuff are SO yummy, SO delicious, SO scrumpilicious that they must have been the food of the Gods itself!!!

Wincarnis Tonic Wine is a carefully formulated blend of enriched wine and malt extract with a unique infusion of selected therapeutic herbs and spices including gentian root, migrate, angelic root, balm mint, fennel seed, coriander seed, peppermint leaves, ardamom seeds and cassia bark. Wincarnis Tonic Wine is a natural tonic incorporating herbs traditionally recognized for their ability to combat ailments and alleviate their symptoms. It is rich in vitamins, especially energy-giving Vitamin B complex, and can have beneficial effects on the circulation system and blood pressure.

Masafi Exuberant Tropical Fruit Juice is an exotic blend of sunny,succulent tropical fruits.Fabulously fruity from the first sip,its delicious blend of sweet flavors will tantalize your taste buds and keep you refreshed all day long.And since it is a combination of so many fruits,it has their combined variety of vitamins too.So go healthy and tasty in one big swig!

The creaminess, the high quality ingredients and the hazelnut content (13%) makes Nutella one of the most famous bread spreads (It is from the Italian company Ferrero.)

Galaxy .. “Gives you a share of country goodness”!!!

KFC – Zinger burger


Sausages/ Chicken Franks/ Fish Fingers/ Meat balls/ Chicken Nuggets

Hot Dog

Bacardi Cranberry Breezer has a rich flavour tasting like normal cranberry juice except with the added Rum Bacardi. It’s not alcoholic and you are not going to get drunk by drinking this!!! 🙂 It is a ladies drink!

Mixed Fried Rice (Non-Veg) It remains one of my favorites ever! Mainly because it contains vegetables, along with prawns, egg, chicken, and meat!! 🙂 A Wholesome meal 🙂

…more later on..



1. Giselle - September 4, 2008

Isn’t that picture of Nutella just awesome!!! I feel like holding the end of that spoon and bringing it into my mouth! Looks that real and just so so SOOO Tempting!

2. freakforfood - September 4, 2008

Hey that’s my nutella picture! 🙂

3. JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen - September 4, 2008

That is my Nutella Picture!

4. yhen - September 5, 2008

wow, yummy… life is so sweet!

5. Giselle - September 5, 2008

To clear all doubts, It is the picture from The Leftover Queen. Just wonderful photography Id say… And by the way, I had pinged you that I was going to use your pic right..? Your id is on my trackback dear .. Obviously Id give you the entire credit of that pic!! And hey guys.. For all who are reading this, you ought to check out The Leftover Queen’ blog. Amazing pictures she has. Real mouth watering!!!

6. rwhackman - September 5, 2008

And I though I was the only one who knew what nutella was.

What’s with all the food pictures? Are you trying to get us all to gain weight?


7. Giselle - September 8, 2008

lolz! isnt it just TOOOO Tempting? I was thinking of adding some more.. but the moment I see these pictures and try to think of some other stuff I like, nothing else appears in my mind other than that big bottle of yummy Nutella! You get Galaxy chocolate spread too. Have you tasted that? Its even better than Nutella! Can u believe that?!!!

8. Cymbria - September 8, 2008

mmmmmmmm now I know what I’m having for lunch ; )

9. Giselle - September 9, 2008

What did you have cymb? 😉

10. king1876 - September 11, 2008

girl u a chef… marry me.


11. Giselle - September 11, 2008

Lolz! Thanks for the offer honey, but Im happily married and hey! I aint no chef!!! I just experiment with cooking.. and these are stuff that I just LUVVVVVV!!! 😀

12. king1876 - September 13, 2008

awww so if i get u a beyonce ring u dont want it lol 😉

13. king1876 - September 13, 2008
14. Giselle - September 16, 2008

o no I dont king!

15. king1876 - September 17, 2008

awww llol. i dnt hear 4m u in a while ma, jus stoppin by 2 show some support. We get bored in Jamaica

16. Giselle - September 17, 2008

🙂 Thanks for the support.. I am trying to improve the site and make it more attractive and informative so that there would be more blog visitors… what topics do you think would be of interest?

17. king1876 - September 18, 2008

narrow it down cause interest iz allota stuff but i kno celebrity stuff gets lots a views and in keepin with your thing about food , maybe celebs fav foods? maybe. gimmie some topics 4 my blog 2 plz. if u want heres ma messenger addy king1876@hotmail.com

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