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The ‘men’ of Bangalore July 18, 2009

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Work takes up almost all the time these days. Get up in the morning, send him off to work, pack lunch and rush to office hopping through traffic, battling with the crazy passengers in the bus to get myself a seat! Talking of which reminds me about these so-called “men” in the city of Bangalore.

When you get into a bus, and a man is sitting on a ladies seat, do the men get up for you or do they continue sitting there pretending as though nothing’ wrong..as though they are exactly where they are supposed to be? This is the case in this metropolitan city. In fact, sometimes you find these homo sapiens pretend to be in a deep sleep the moment a lady enters the bus! Else he would be in his own  world..imagining his own dreams and all the time gloating over the fact that he has got himself a seat in the bus.

Can u BELIEVE such kind of men??!!! Some of the local women are worse! They don’t even bother to ask these she-men to get up. Instead they remain standing by the driver’ side creating more of a jam inside the bus and the men sit luxuriously as though everything is as it ought to be.

And in the case of pregnant ladies, women with babies on their arms and elderly people, the case just gets worse. Neither our she-man nor does our weak woman offer their seat to her!! They actually turn away hoping that they are not asked to “MOVE IT”! It truly is a pathetic situation.

There are very few guys who are gentleman enough to give up their seat and do the right thing. All said, I think gentlemen are very few in Bangalore.



1. ajeet singh pawar - July 20, 2009

hi dear,
very correct observation ….i must say.
I was in bglore for almost three years n got everything rite in front of my eyes as i read ur post.

Its my pleasure to meet u here n good tht i land up on ur page.
njoyed reading it !!

vaise, even i have also posted sumthing on the same lines …
hope to c ur footprints on my page as well 🙂

M sure v’ll be in touch !!
Keep Smiling n yes blogging 2 !!!


2. ajeet singh pawar - July 21, 2009

hey dear this is ajeet singh
jus simply loved ur post …
i was in bglore for almost three years n ur lines have taken me rite back to the bglore bus. 😀

well, i really liked tht u have raised a very sensitive issue in such a suttle manner n it is worth going thru …

sumthing on the same lines i have posted in my latest entry “Dus KA Dum”.

Do visit my blog its http://www.ajeetsinghpawar.com , u r most welcome there 🙂

3. rb - August 17, 2009


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