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Who’ next??!! November 5, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry, Réflexions diverses.
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We waited with bated breath.

To know who’ going to govern our lives.

The 44th President will be chosen.

Americans are confused yet voting.

Hoping they choose the right person.

But do they know who is the right one?

Noone does.

Yet, they vote.

Barack Obama or John McCain?

As always, the race is tough. It is dirty.

Competition is stiff. But we can still make the right choice.

Think. Retrospect. Choose wisely.

Do we help in the creation of history

or do we aid in the destruction of all that was built in these past years,

through sheer determination and mental strength,

by all our past presidents?

Make the right choice, fellow men and women…

The decision lies in YOUR hands.

Barack Obama or John McCain??!!!! …

You can get more info upon these candidates on https://4mgiselle.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/a-bad-atmosphere-fact-file/ So choose wisely.


What is Love..? May 25, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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Love is a dream..

Love is a wish..

Love is a hope that many a girl,

even guys, yearn for..

Love can be friendship

Love can be pride

Love leads to joy

And love shows us sorrow too.

Yet we run after love.

For what you may ask..

Coz’ in the end,

Love is all we need

to make life complete.

Without love,

I work, I play

I sing, I dance

I read, I write

I eat, I sleep

But through this all,

the hole in my heart widens in its diameter

when love is absent..

I cry to sleep at night

And I wake up feeling lonely,

with a raging headache

and swollen eyes..

Why then do we sometimes close ourselves to love?

Why then do we shun love and run away from it?

Why is love given much less importance,

than many a different aspect of life?

If you have love,

you have it all!

When you see love,

you find the ultimate beauty in every being..

When you feel love,

you learn to apreciate the small things in life..

When you show love,

you become a much better person..

Love is a dream..

Love is a wish..

Love is a hope that many a girl,

even guys, yearn for..

– Lucky (LHNV)

Promises May 3, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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They are made to be broken.

I took for granted

a promise, to be

a bond forever.

But lately realized

it’s not.

I got confused.

I became agitated.

I was surprised

and I was shaken.

I cried

and I fussed.

But nothing could change

the truth.

that a promise,

no longer meant promise.

– Lucky (LHNV)

Undeserved April 30, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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The leaves stand still

Not a single twig

out of line..

I feel no wind dancing around my face,

twirling my hair..

The clouds are looming

dark and thick

with its unspent content..

Like the tears I feel

filling behind my eyes..

Sitting lost in thoughts

wondering where I went wrong

I feel an ache in my heart

as the tears threaten

to flow any moment…

Let it go, I tell myself..

So be it, I tell myself..

But deep inside

I know I dont deserve this.

I dont deserve

to sit in a corner and cry

I dont deserve

to be shunned and looked down upon

by the ones who matter most..

I just dont deserve to be treated this way!!!

I deserve

to be cherished,

to be loved,

to be hugged and be valued..

But here I am,

in a corner..




The threatening tears finally find a way out..

and I cry n’ cry..

For moments lost,

for love lost,

for people gone,

for those dreams of being understood gone..

I cry for becoming this what I am now

I cry for changing into something I am not..

The rains wash down my tears

and I feel cleansed

As I listen to the chirp of the birds,

and watch the flowers smiling at me

as the sun shines on me,

revealing new ways, new dreams.. and a new bloom!!!

-Lucky (LHNV)



Sinking.. April 9, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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Sinking into loneliness,

into the depths of sorrow,

impressions of having “The One”,

to care for me,

keep me happy,

I realize was false..

None to look upto..

Nobody to offer me comfort..

I weep into the one faithful friend I have- my pillow.

My only solace.

Music bang my ears.

Heart thudding,

Palms and feet cold as ice,

Through the heartbreak I wait.

Hoping even then

for a miracle..

for him to care enough…

Am I just anybody?

Am I not good enough for him?

He pushes my limits..

He drives me insane..

He strains my seams…

He just doesnt understand!!

what it means,

that one small yet strong word – love!!!

– Lucky

A Lonely Life March 26, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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When promises unkept,

when sworn words are taken back..

As dreams are shattered,

and hope is nomore..

An unknown sorrow overcomes;

Where the sky turns dark and cloudy,

where the flowers turn dull and gloomy..

The sun no longer shines,

rather emits a cold feel..

When tears are ready to flow,

without even a notice..

When tempers are bound to erupt,

without even a warning..

When a kind of lethargy overbears,

where loneliness is company,

and silence is party…

– Lucky

My ride.. March 24, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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Far away into the night I ride,

with just myself for company..

Many a stop I make,

Many a sight I see..

Many a rider I pass.

This, being my way of life..

Yet, time teases me, moving

at the pace of a snail,

though always not steady.

& I stop.

To wonder, … once again..

Where my mare will take me..

When will I reach my destination..


PS: This didnt turn out as I thought it would… but just felt like publishing it. ..

Life March 20, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Poetry.
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This is a life..

Full of twists and turns..

Exciting beginnings and dramatic endings…

Nobody can ever predict what lay ahead of us,

And in what pattern it is bound to reach us..

Tears of joy as well as those of sorrow are sure to come someday..

Life is an unexpected gift,

From our Lord above..

We take it and do with it the best we can or what we please..

Thats how the circle of life is made to run.

Round n’ round.. all around..

Maybe we may fall.

Yet we learn to dust our backs and go on our journey once again..

Taking the fall with grace and as a much required lesson…