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Especially for guys!!! April 4, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Relationships.
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I don’t know why I even bother to try to help my partner learn me and get to know my likes, dislikes, wants, tastes and desires!!! cz’  basically, there is no use. He does not care. He has so many things happening in his life and so many more things that he cares so much more about that I feel I am an extra baggage that he longed for once upon a time in his life when he had nothing else better to do… 😦

Are all men like this? Are all men so selfish? Why don’t men understand that all women want is a little love…? A missed call occasionally, to show that he misses her.. surprises, to show her that he thinks about her.. late night talks, to show that he wants to be with her.. picking up her call, to show her how important she is to him.. just talking to her.. nothing special or nothing important or nothing worldly..just to show her that he likes spending time with her.. doing things for her, to show her his affection.. complimenting her upon her looks and the dress/hairstyle/sandals she wears, to show her that he notices every little thing that she does for him…

Why? Why is it soooo hard for a man to express such small things such as these? This is all it takes to make her feel like a princess.. like the most important person in his life.. like he cant live without her.. like she is all he needs to make his life complete.. like she means everything to him!!! These are such small things.. but at the same time, so meaningful… 

 But, NO! He won’t do that. He won’t do any of that. Instead, he will say “Ive apologized.” Like as though that is what she wanted to hear.. like as though that’s going to make up for what he did. An apology meant from the heart means something .. but when u say “Sorry” and then these two really male chauvinistic words, it sounds more like “Ive told you sorry. So now if you want u can accept it. I basically don’t care!”

Why would any guy say such words to try to make up with a woman?!!! If he had to say these words and believe that thats going to make everything alright, then I would say he is completely out of his mind!

I think it is only a wife who will be with her husband for the rest of his life. So, all that a man can look forward to in his old age, is his wife. She’  the only one who will be there for him, with him.. But for that to happen, he has to make her feel loved by him when he is young! It doesn’t take much.. but it would mean a lot to her!

We are not talking about material or worldly stuff here..  Wouldn’t you also like to be shown a little love to.. Wouldn’t you like to be the most important person in your girl’ life? Wouldn’t you like it when she smiles at you? Wouldn’t you like her to be with you when you meet your friends? Wouldn’t you like to show her off to the world? Wouldn’t you like her to call you? Wouldn’t you like her to send you mails/sms? Wouldn’t you like it when she says “You look gorgeous, honey..” ? Wouldn’t you want to be in her mind? Wouldn’t you feel very important if she hung up on her friends just for you? Wouldn’t you feel great if she dedicated her time for you.. whether it be to do something special with you or just stay in..? Wouldn’t you just love it if she travelled all the way from where she lives just to come see you and tell you how much she loves you and misses you??!!!!  O yes, I know you would be happy!! … Maybe guys don’t need it to that extent…but its exactly these small things that can make a girl yours forever!!!