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The ACCENT April 16, 2009

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What is an “accent”? Is it restricted to a particular group of persons? Or is it only for those whose mother tongue is something other than English? What do people actually mean when they say, “I knew you were from there. You have an accent.” !!!

Read more @ http://www.luckyandvin.com/nothing-but-the-truth/the-accent/



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2. Genesis - April 24, 2009

English is very important now.
Thank you for this useful writing.

3. Giselle - April 26, 2009

Yes. I agree. English is important because that is the one language that can bridge any kind of communication barriers.

4. tellaleyamma - April 27, 2009

Even native English speakers have accents which can be torture to non-native English speakers.

5. nirveda - May 24, 2009

hey accents are fun man..i mean its easy to identify people in a way…no offense intended though..

Giselle - May 24, 2009

Accents are ok.. Thats what I ws trying to say. What is not ok is when someone tries to make the other person feel self-depreciating or embarassing.

6. danmihalache - July 12, 2009

Everyone who speaks a language, speaks it with an accent. A particular accent essentially reflects a person’s linguistic background. When people listen to someone speak with a different accent from their own, they notice the difference, and they may even make certain biased social judgments about the speaker.

Giselle - July 14, 2009

I agree everyone has an accent. What I find bad is this judgmental attitude and the mocking laugh that accompanies it in such a manner as though the one who mocks is devoid of all accents!

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