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I am.. Me.. Myself.. ;-)

Born on June 6th, just missing by around 2 years the date of the devil I think you could call me a naughty angel 🙂 but being a true Gemini from my very core, I can be very unpredictable at times.. and am mostly passionate about what I do.. although I do tend to get distracted quite fast..  But once something holds my attention then I’m completely oblivious to the rest of the world!

A little complicated to understand.. but just be with me for awhile and I’m like an open book!!!  Very warm and captivating 😉

What else..? Well…

My eyes twinkle when I’m happy and are fiery when I’m angry.. Just by looking at them, you can figure out what kinda mood I’m in..Some really good music or something like a caress, flowers, rains, wind ..(you get the hang of it right;-)) can turn me on pretty fast.. But to turn it all off, just being rude and ill-manners are more than enough!!! Along with it if you add a wee bit of talkative and a pinch of male chauvinsm, then you can be absolutely certain that Im through with you..!

Status: I have been committed for quite awhile and will be marrying very soon.. (I think mostly people are interested in this one category ;-))

Height: I’m about an average of 5’3.5″ .. [I never forget to add the 0.5.. cz’  I really think I should’ve grown a wee bit more taller;-)]



1. Dhananjay Kumar - June 17, 2008

Very good blog. You are a people of good quality.

2. Giselle - June 17, 2008

Thanq 🙂 I just write random posts.. but mainly on homely matters and relationships and stuff like that… That is the area Im more interested in..

3. labornurse - June 29, 2008

Hello Giselle, thank you for visiting my page, I have responded for you. I hope it helps, and if you haven’t got married yet or even if you have, “Congratulations !”.

God bless,

Meredith – RNC

4. Joseph Engelman - August 26, 2008

haha, you have a cool site, too.
i’m glad you liked that vid.:-)

even though,… i don’t get the harry potter relation.

want to exchange blogrolls? 😉


5. Joseph Engelman - August 26, 2008

oh, i got it! because of the title on my tags.
haha,… wow,… blonde moment. sorry!


6. Giselle - August 26, 2008

lolz! 😀 np … Anyway, what do you mean by “exchanging blogrolls” ?

7. yanafia - September 8, 2008

thanx for the comments. keep in touch
best of luck…

8. Binu - September 15, 2008

When I saw the title I am Me Myself I thought you are going to say you are from some other planet, but felt nice to know that you are from the same planet & even a better person to be with. wish you a happy married life.

9. happyjocy - September 23, 2008

Nice Site! I like it. Thanks for the comments (blog :D)
My tip: practice. Can’t get anywhere without that!

How did you put all those animations on the side? It is SOOOO COOL!

10. Giselle - September 24, 2008

Thanks jocy.. by the way, i have put up details upon all my sidebar widgets in https://4mgiselle.wordpress.com/updates/ Do check that out…Hope it would help you..

11. pamiejane - October 20, 2008

Nice site!

12. 108children - October 21, 2008

thanks for visiting 🙂

13. Giselle - October 21, 2008

Pamie: Thanks 🙂
Children: Anytime 🙂

14. navishkar - November 18, 2008

Thank you for visiting and you can be sure I’ll be checking into your blog regularly

15. Giselle - November 18, 2008

Anytime 🙂 You are ALWAYS welcome here.. Hope you enjoyed your time 🙂

16. Alexa - March 6, 2009

LOL! Giselle, one of my sisters was born on June 6 and also missed “the year of the devil” by a couple of years. She kind of brags about that — weird.

So, when’s the wedding?

Giselle - March 13, 2009

hey! 🙂 cool! Ive got a partner;-) …and well, its been almost 6 months since my wedding now..so am awaiting my first anniversary!! 🙂

17. knowledgetoday - March 31, 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

18. tellaleyamma - April 27, 2009

I look forward to reading more of your descriptive writing.

19. nav - June 1, 2009

my eyes twinkle when i see such a post.

Very well written

Giselle - June 13, 2009

Thanks.. I hope it was an interesting read..

20. nirveda - June 12, 2009

hey giselle, belated happy birthday…i know i’m way too late but then, sincere wishes can be exempted i guess 🙂

Giselle - June 13, 2009

Thanks so much dear!!! 🙂 and yes.. a sincere wish always has exceptions 🙂

21. nirveda - July 2, 2009

Hey, blog updated..

22. Giselle - February 1, 2011

i love ur blog.well i think ur bloggging wht im thinkin.weird cos my namés giselle too..:)
nd most of ur “favourite things”are mine too..

23. Giselle - February 1, 2011

i liked reading ur blog.interesting stuff.Is it weird tht my name’s giselle nd i like the same stuff u like.nd i swear whn i ws playing 20 questions i asked my friends some which were on ur list..?:):)

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