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Danish Butter Cookies November 18, 2008

Posted by Giselle in Réflexions diverses.
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Danish Butter Cookies

Originally uploaded by stickerbandit

Danish Butter cookies are one of my favorite biscuits in the world you could say!! Their shapes, their tastes. .It is purely exquisite!!! 🙂 Once you have its taste you can never Not be a fan. Just writing this post and thinking of them, I can smell that melting butter, the sugar.. the cookies! Aah! What bliss!
I like these even better than chocolate chip cookies!! Me, who is crazy about chocolate! Can you then imagine how great these must be???!!!! 🙂

These Danish butter cookies for me, have so many memories attached with it.. those childhood days when me and my sister used to fight over these cookies.. those times when I would offer one of these to my mom to make up for those stupid arguments we had.. those times when my dad used to surprise us with a box of these scrumpilicious cookies 🙂 Mmmmm… Just a lot of wonderful cherished memories now.. 🙂

How fast time flies!!!

You really ought to get a taste of these yummy things!!!



1. dbarber59 - November 18, 2008

They are the best! I love them! They remind me that Christmas is here.


2. Giselle - November 18, 2008

Oh yea baby!!! Even these can evoke poetry in its own right!!! 😉

3. vestque - November 18, 2008

Man, they really are yummy!!! Mouth watering

4. thorbisher - November 18, 2008

Those are the best cookies ever!!!!!

Hey Giselle! Thanks for the comment!

the blur is called selective focus. It is very easy to do with a SLR camera. But can be done with any camera. What I did was get very close to the boy and put my focus point on him. Then I pressed my shutter button half way to lock in the focus. After that, I repositioned the frame to include the whole family and pushed the button the rest of the way and ……poof!!!! A picture with the focus on the boy and everything else blurred /out of focus

For this shot I used

Canon XTI camera
sigma 18-50 2.8 lens
Canon 550ex flash


5. Giselle - November 18, 2008

yea.. vest! I know!!! Ive been hungry all day thinking of them!!!

& thanks thorb, that helped a lot.. I think the idea that was in my mind to buy an SLR camera just got stronger!!!! 😉

6. jennio - November 19, 2008

mmm danish butter cookies are delicious! dimsum is okay but i have had it pretty much every sunday and holiday of my life so i can’t say that i love it. i would much prefer dumplings!

7. Giselle - November 19, 2008

So what is the difference between dimsums and dumplings? Whenever I ask for dumplings in any restaurant, they say it takes a long time to prepare or else it is out of stock!

8. rb - November 26, 2008

Wassap!! Its been a long time 🙂 And whats this….every time I log on to ur blog…I feel more hungry!! Houz life otherwise?

9. Giselle - November 26, 2008

lolz! hunger.. now thats what I’m trying to not feel these days 😉 anyway, life’ pretty good otherwise 🙂 did you try out any of my personal recipes yet?

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