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Luckily… March 21, 2009

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I am SO lucky to be married to my husband!

He’  just Perfect! He has been SO supportive of my job timings which have now increased to 11 hours a day due to the financial year busy season!  He helps me with all the household chores and especially with cooking! I have NO idea what I would have done without him…

It feels great to be married to such a gem of a person! 😀

I agree the work timings are a bit over the board and it just is not fair on him. Mine and because of that, his schedules are all in haywire! The body clocks too! Our meal timings and the cookng is all on such a low scale these days that I feel so bad about the fact that I am not able to look after him as I used to.. 😦 Sometimes I feel I just ought to turn in my resignation letter. But the joy that you get on the last day of every month is just too tempting!!! 😉

Well, who knows what may happen when.. SO, Im just taking things slow. Yes, I am looking for another job with better timings so that I could have my personal life also. But right now it is just the job! :/ I knw. It does sound so bad. Doesn’t it…


Chicken salad June 15, 2008

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Used as a starter, chicken salads are quite tempting..



Boiled chicken breasts

1 red Capsicum

1 Onion

1 Tomato






Slice the chicken into thin pieces and shred a part of it. Put the slices into a bowl and sprinkle pepper, vinegarand the required amount of salt, according to your taste buds.

Next, slice the onion, tomato, capsicum and half a cabbage. Mix it with the chicken. Add salt and pepper for taste and a little more mayonnaise. Now, you could garnish it with the shredded chicken.. and you have a yummy chicken salad 🙂

Mint Rice June 5, 2008

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MINT (Pudina) RICE


  1. Take clean pudina leaves ( soak pudina leaves in water and clean them) in a mixer and add a little water to it so that the mixing takes place smoothly.
  2. Pour mixture into pan and add little oil. Allow to be heated with occasional stirring till oil is almost taken up. Add jeera (cumin) for taste. Add boiled rice into the mixture and mix well.

There is one more recipe for mint rice that I have not tried yet.. which is not as simple as this but tastes real good.. especially with a cucumber salad… You can also have it with plain ketchup!

I shall put that up in one of my later posts…

For now, you can enjoy this very simple recipe… which is healthy a well as tasty.

Pancakes June 5, 2008

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Who’ there who does not like pancakes… Its a classic breakfast recipe followed by almost every country in the world.. but known by different names..

Flour – 250g

Eggs – 4

Milk – 1/2 litre

Butter – 50g

A pinch of salt.

Make the batter a few hours before you need it so as to give the mixture time to settle.

Sieve flour and add salt. Mix and make a well in the middle. Add eggs. Pour milk little by little and whisk until you get  asmooth mixture. Gently melt the butter and add it to the mixture.

Get the frying pan very hot before you begin making the pancakes.. Melt a small piece of butter and take the required amount of the batter ..almost half a ladle and spread it over the surface of the pan. Fry for about 3min and turn it halfway.. 

If it comes out too dry, add a little butter or milk to the mixture and try again. In case it is too moist/oily, sieve in more flour and get rid of lumps by whisking it..

You can have it with a topping of your choice. .such as sugar, syrup, honey, jam, or even lemon juice!

Butter Cookies June 4, 2008

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Flour – 2.5 cups

Butter – 250 g

Powdered sugar – 3/4 cup

A pinch of salt.

Mix the ingredients. Make small biscuit shaped pieces or any shape you would like. Bake in oven.

Add extra touches like a design, twists, criss crosses, sugar, jam, etc… for an extra touch..


Why dont you send me some of the shapes that you created.. so that I can see how you got about it..

I used this recipe to make a large batch of butter cookies and it finished so fast that I think I got only a couple of them in the end!!! 😉

Chocolate Fudge Frost June 3, 2008

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This is my absolute expertise recipe and it tastes WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS! Seriously! Believe me if you want to.. but my guy loves this cake! and everyone else who knows me too!

It’s simple to make and it’s tasty beyond words!

You can get the recipe at http://www.luckyandvin.com/personal-recipes/chocolate-fudge-frost/