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Barbeque Nation November 6, 2008

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A few days back, we had lunch at BARBEQUE NATION. And let me tell you. That is what I call Fine dining! Exquisite food, very calming ambiance, excellent service, very pleasing and an instant rejuvenation for any kind of mood!

Read about our experience @ http://www.luckyandvin.com/reviews/barbeque-nation/


Who’ next??!! November 5, 2008

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We waited with bated breath.

To know who’ going to govern our lives.

The 44th President will be chosen.

Americans are confused yet voting.

Hoping they choose the right person.

But do they know who is the right one?

Noone does.

Yet, they vote.

Barack Obama or John McCain?

As always, the race is tough. It is dirty.

Competition is stiff. But we can still make the right choice.

Think. Retrospect. Choose wisely.

Do we help in the creation of history

or do we aid in the destruction of all that was built in these past years,

through sheer determination and mental strength,

by all our past presidents?

Make the right choice, fellow men and women…

The decision lies in YOUR hands.

Barack Obama or John McCain??!!!! …

You can get more info upon these candidates on https://4mgiselle.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/a-bad-atmosphere-fact-file/ So choose wisely.

Vegetable Soy Fried Rice October 23, 2008

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One fine day, as I was wondering what to prepare for dinner, I realized that there were not enough vegetables to prepare any gravy and neither were there enough eggs to prepare an egg burji either! But I chanced upon this box of unopened soy chunks. Well, my mind started working and VOILA!!! This is what I came up with! 🙂 Vegetable Soy Fried Rice!

Check out the recipe here >> http://www.luckyandvin.com/personal-recipes/vegetable-soy-fried-rice/

A chance for destiny October 16, 2008

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Read more about Joe and how she just doesn’t allow herself to find her knight in shining armour at http://www.luckyandvin.com/relationships/to-give-destiny-a-chance/

Drona – The movie October 15, 2008

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Drona, directed by Goldie Behl was the latest movie I watched. And by the interval, I felt it was a huge mistake and the biggest waste of time EVER!!!!

Now, let me clarify some stuff in the beginning itself. I am one who does like fantasy movies. Ask anyone! I just LOVE the Harry Potter series! And if I hear about an epic, its for sure I would watch it. A couple of examples being “Troy” and “Jodhaa Akbar” …

Looks Impressive. Doesn’t it?

But believe me. It truly is a “Horrible, Disastrous movie!” Actually, it could have been Much better if the computer graphics had been reduced, puppet sequences removed, and without such blatant copying of other movies.

There were scenes which reminded me of movies such as Harry Potter, The Mummy series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Excalibur, Tomb Raider, .. and even Lion King2 !!! For heavens sake! Now, isn’t that just a little too much?!

The story goes thus:

The Potion of Eternity was given by the Gods to a great king to protect it and keep safe from the Demons (Asuras), granting a boon that the male heir will be DRONA and he will have extraordinary powers. Only he shall be able to find the amrit.

Aditya is brought up by a foster family unaware of his true identity and the destiny that awaited him. Whenever he felt sad or lonely, a blue petal always without fail used to come to him to cheer him up. Riz Raizada, the progeny of the asuras was greedy for this precious secret to eternity. But he did not know who Drona was or his whereabouts. On his 18th birthday, he receives a jewel studded gold bracelet which he puts around his wrist.

When Riz and Aditya comes face to face, he is immediately recognized because it is only Drona who would wear this bracelet. Aditya has no clue as to why he is being chased! Sonia, the leader of the cult who believed in Drona and who had been keeping an eye on him from when he was a child, from a distance reveals to him his true identity. She takes him to his ancestral palace in Pratapgarh. But before he could embrace his mother Queen Jayanti Devi, Riz’ army turns her to a statue and barters his mother’s life for the amrith.

Now Aditya, to save his mother, gives him the amrit. But a villain is always a villain, right? The agreement is not kept. And there begins Aditya’ journey to find the amrit before Riz does. Sonia is Aditya’ personal guard, trained by her father from childhood to be his shadow at all times.

During the journey, Aditya and Sonia fall in love. After Riz is finished off, they marry and everyone lives happily ever after.

Abhishek bachchan was alright but he could have been given a stronger role where he could have proved his acting skills.

Priyanka Chopra was pretty alright, although she had all the stunts of Matrix. Her dress was quite interesting. (But obviously I couldn’t wear that and walk on the roads!!!;-) )

Jaya Bachchan was just a name in the movie. She did not have Anything in particular to do in the movie.

And Kay Kay Menon’ excellent acting skills were not exploited at all.

Basically, the storyline was very weak and the computer graphics were on overload. The move was supposed to be an Indian mythology. If it had been presented in a rustic Indian and more natural way, I think the movie would have had a better reception.

In simple terms: There was nothing to go “WOW!” in it.

Marriage. Why? October 11, 2008

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Why DO men and women get married?

They say they love each other. But does it last? Are they really able to intertwine two individuals’ likes, dislikes, hobbies, tempers, egos, whims and fancies and mould it into a single path.. a single road?

I know here I am going to go against all that I said in my earlier posts..but I felt I had to view love life from the opposite point too…

Read why at http://www.luckyandvin.com/relationships/marriage-why/

The silver lining September 29, 2008

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“Every cloud has a silver lining…”

Have you wondered what this popular saying means? Well, the sentence itself gives us an idea to its meaning. It basically means that you should never feel hopeless because unfortunate times always lead to good times. Every difficult situation has a bright side to it. Something good always comes out of something that we think may have been bad for us. Believe me! It is true. Like they say.. Everything happens for a reason.

Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun. When we look more closely at the edges of every cloud we can see the sun shining there like a silver lining.

The origins of this proverb:

John Milton’s masque (dramatic entertainment) ‘Comus’ (1634) gave rise to the current proverb with the lines, ‘Was I deceiv’d, or did a sable cloud/ Turn forth her silver lining on the night?’

Charles Dickens, in his novel ‘Bleak House’ (1852), recalled the lines with ‘I turn my silver lining outward like Milton’s cloud,’.

The American impresario Phineas T. Barnum first recorded the wording of the modern saying in ‘Struggles and Triumphs’ (1869) with ‘Every cloud,’ says the proverb, ‘has a silver lining.'”

–> Taken from “Wise Words and Wives’ Tales: The Origins, Meanings and Time-Honored Wisdom of Proverbs and Folk Sayings Olde and New” by Stuart Flexner and Doris Flexner (Avon Books, New York, 1993).

Amy Castle – The Cuppycake Song September 26, 2008

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You’re my honeybunch, sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie
You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop
Snoogums-boogums, you’re the apple of my eye

And I love you so and I want you to know
That I’ll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear.

There are 12 songs in this CD – BALLOONS. I very recently came to know that it was not Strawberry Shortcake who sang this and so checked out this album online and let me tell you, it is FABULOUS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 🙂 It is sure to please any age group. A masterpiece.. A thorough delight, cheering up anyone’ cloudy day to a bright colourful rainbow filled one!!!:)

In short, BALLOONS is a magical tape that will touch any child and parent’s heart.

Usher – Make Love in this club September 26, 2008

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I gotta do it for the ladies
and I gotta keep it hood.
Where we at Polo? Eh
I see you Rock?
I’ma keep doing right?
We just getting started.
Yeaaaaaa Man.

You see you searching for somebody that’ll take you out and do you right.
Well come here baby and let daddy show you what it feel like.
You know all you gotta do is tell me what your sipping on (sipping on)? Eh
And I promise that I’ma keep it coming all night looooooooong.

Looking in your eyes,
while you on the other side, hey
(and I think that shawty I got a thing for you yeah)
Doing it on purpose, wind it and work it.
I can tell by the way you looking at me girl.

I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
in this club yeah

Listen, if you got some friends rolling with you baby then that’s cool.
You can leave them with my nigga’s, let ’em know that I got you. Eh
If you didn’t know,you’re the only thing that’s on my mind.
Cuz,the way you staring makes me want to give it to you all night.

Looking in your eyes,
while you on the other side,
I can’t take it no more baby I’m
coming for you.
You keep doing it on purpose wind it and work it.
Baby close our eyes and it’ll just be me and you

I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
(repeat x2)
in this club yeah

I’m what you want (what you want), I’m what you need (what you need).
He got da trap (got da trap), I’ll set you free,
sexually,mentally,physically, emotionally,
I’ll be like your medicine, your take every dose of me.
it’s goin down on isle 3,I’ll bag ya like some grocery’s.
and everytime you think about it, you gonna want some more of me.
bout to hit the club make a movie yea rated R. Pull up like a Trap Star. thats if you had… Have you ever made love to a thug in a club with his sights on, 87 jeans and a fresh pair of nikes on. On the couch, on the table, on the bar, on the floor.
you can meet me in the bathroom, ya you know im trained to go.
You might just wanna give me a kiss, we can keep touching like this
I know you scared baby, because you don’t know what we doing.
It’s ok, you can touch right here, keep doing that girl and I swear.
I’ma keep doing it to you non-stop.
And I dont care, who’s watching watching watching watching watching

Oooooh In this club on the floor
Baby lets make love

I wanna make love in this club eh
in this club eh
in this club eh
I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
in this club yeah

In this club Ehh YeY Hey Hey
Thats right in the front in the front in the peak of the day Hey
In the back Hey In the side Hey
In the front Hey
Left, right Oh crank that Hey…

A bad atmosphere – Fact file. September 24, 2008

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For those of you who like me (YES! I admit. I had no clue about politics, hate it and hate it more!!!) did not know anything about these people, here is a little compiled information.



Born : August 4, 1961

Birth place : Honolulu, Hawaii.

Alma Mater : Harvard Law School , Columbia University, Occidental College.

Greatest moral failure : During high school he used marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol.

Present Position : Junior United States Senator from Illinois and presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2008 general election.

State Legislator (Illinois) – 1997 to 2004

U.S. Senate campaign – 2004

U.S. Senator – January 4, 2005.

–> voted in favor of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

–> defended the New Deal social welfare policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and opposed Republican proposals to establish private accounts for Social Security in April 2005.

–> cosponsored the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.

–> supported a related bill, the Secure Fence Act.

–> Lugar–Obama and Coburn–Obama Transparency Act.

–> introduced follow-up legislation: Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Federal Spending Act of 2008.

–> introduced a corporate jet provision to the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act

–> introduced Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act.

–> introduced the Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007.

–> proposed a cap and trade auction system in Oct 2007.

–> sponsored an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act adding safeguards for personality disorder military discharges.

–> sponsored the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act.

–> co-sponsored legislation to reduce risks of nuclear terrorism.

–> sponsored a Senate amendment to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program providing one year of job protection for family members caring for soldiers with combat-related injuries.

–> encouraged Democrats to reach out to evangelicals and other religious groups.

–> supports legal abortion.

Feb 10, 2007 – announced his candidacy for President of the United States.


Top priorities –> ending the Iraq War, increasing energy independence, and providing universal health care.

–> ending development of new nuclear weapons.

–> reducing the current U.S. nuclear stockpile.

–> enacting a global ban on production of fissile material.

–> seeking negotiations with Russia in order to take ICBMs off high alert status.

–> universal health care in the U.S.

–> eliminate taxes for senior citizens with incomes of less than $50,000 a year.

–> repeal income tax cuts for those making over $250,000 as well as the capital gains and dividends tax cut.

–> close corporate tax loopholes.

–> lift the income cap on Social Security taxes.

–> restrict offshore tax havens.

–> simplify filing of income tax returns by pre-filling wage and bank information already collected by the IRS.

June 3, 2008 – passed the threshold to become the presumptive nominee.

Aug 23, 2008 – selected Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate.

John Sidney McCain III –> Maverick Republican

Born : August 29, 1936

Birth Place: Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama.

Alma Mater : United States Naval Academy.

Oct 26. 1967 : POW

Present Position : Senior United States Senator from Arizona and presidential nominee of the Republican Party in the 2008 presidential election.

1977 – Navy’s liaison to the U.S. Senate beginning through McCain.

April 1, 1981 – retired from the Navy as a captain.

1982 – ran as a Republican for an open seat in Arizona’s 1st congressional district.

1983 – opposed creation of a federal Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, active on Indian Affairs bills.

Jan. 1987 – Beginning of McCain’ Senate career.

–> one of the main authors of the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

–> strong supporter of the Gramm-Rudman legislation.

–> member of the 1991–1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs.

–> Since Jan. 1993 – McCain has been Chairman of the International Republican Institute.

–> actively supported the Line Item Veto Act of 1996.

–> proposed legislation that would increase cigarette taxes.

–> co-sponsored the Aviation and Transportation Security Act that federalized airport security.

–> October 2002 : voted for the Iraq War Resolution

–> May 2006 : supported the Bush tax cut extension.

Greatest Legislative achievement: March 2002, McCain-Feingold passed in both Houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Bush.

Sept 27, 1999 – announced his candidacy for President.


–> “a fight to take our government back from the power brokers and special interests, and return it to the people and the noble cause of freedom it was created to serve”

–> strong supporter of the Bush administration’s position.

–> strongly supported the Iraq troop surge of 2007.

–> supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

October 2005 : introduced the McCain Detainee Amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill for 2005.

April 25, 2007 – John McCain formally announced his intention to run for President of the United States.

March 4, 2008 – McCain became the presumptive Republican nominee.

August 29, 2008 – Sarah Palin was revealed as McCain’s surprise choice for running mate. McCain chose Palin in part due to her potential to rally Christian conservatives behind his campaign.


–> advocated gun safety education for youth.

–> supports capital punishment.

–> supports allowing the discussion of creationism in public schools.

–> opposes same-sex marriage and supported a non-binding referendum for an Alaskan constitutional amendment to deny state health benefits to same-sex couples.

–> supports a constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal in all cases, including rape and incest, except if the life of the mother is endangered.

–> supports sex education in public schools.

–> supports preemptive military action in the face of an imminent threat, and supports U.S. military operations in Pakistan.

–> supports NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia.

–> affirms that if Russia invaded a NATO treaty member the United States would meet its treaty obligations.




Now, what would are you going to do on Nov. 4th, 2008 – The Grand Election date which has been set..?! Who are you going to select? Why? Are you sure you are making the right choice?